Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

Trojan uvmax offers hundred percent purification of water



Impurities in water are often not visible to the eye but have a serious impact on health in case proper action for purification is not taken for drinking water. Many bacteria, germs and contaminated substances are fully solved in the water and become a cause for the health problems in the long run if not checked at the right time. You can have your ground water or tap water tested to take preventive measures like installing Trojan uvmax that helps to eliminate the contamination in water.


Trojan uvmax is specially designed to kill microorganisms like bacterial and germs that is commonly found in untreated water. This helps to restrain the presence of e.coli, cryptosporidium, giardia, viruses, fungi etc in the drinking water. With this system no chemicals are introduced in the water and a simple technique of using ultraviolet rays does the job of killing the microorganisms. Along with the Trojan uvmax you can also add filters to contain the totally dissolved solids for purest drinking water. As the system is easy to install with low operational costs and minimum maintenance they are very apt for house hold purpose. There are many models available in the Trojan uvmax that varies in the intensity of the ultra violet rays that can be purchased depending on impurity levels of water in the particular location.


Online offers many of these products for one to go through different models and purchase the one that best fits their needs along with a warranty and service offers. 

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