Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

Reverse Osmosis Water Filter- What is it?


Usage of drinking water filters in the houses has become common these days as the importance is such. Drinking water is getting contaminated due to the pollutants and industrial wastes that are finding their way into the drinking water. But on the contrary, Reverse Osmosis Water Filter is different and is not suitable for residential purposes as they are meant for industrial purposes and commercial usage. These water filters were used to filter drinking water till some time back but after people have realized the evil effects of these filters, these were restricted to industries.


This water filter is incapable of filtering anything which is molecularly smaller than water. This results in health affects and hence these water filters are unfit for residential purposes. Since many pesticides, bacteria and chlorine are lighter and molecularly smaller than water, they get deposited at the bottom of the water filter through its membrane. The trace minerals that are necessary for health are also separated from the drinking water through this water filter. Due to this activity of the water filter, essential minerals do not get into the body. The pesticides that enter the body through this water are mighty good harmful to health and hence these are not suggested by the doctors.


All the disadvantages are due to the reverse osmosis membrane present in the Reverse Osmosis Water Filter. Hence, this water filter is not being used to filter the drinking water given the evil effects associated and also not preferable by people since they are aware of the facts.


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